X-Com Whistleblower Testifies Before Senate

Describes Agency “Crippled by Nightmarish Bureaucracy” Washington, DC – Capt Aaron Mercer, former US Air Force pilot and recently discharged member of X-Com, was today called before the Senate Defense subcommittee to testify concerning his allegations about chronic mismanagement at the troubled international UFO defense agency. Committee members reacted with outrage as he described an organization whose many failures and budget overruns could be attributed to a broken command structure where individual teams and departments are denied the authority to act on anything without explicit orders. Capt Mercer became emotional as he elaborated the problems. “We had a team of[…]

Remember X-Com? Not if you’re under 28 years old…

But that’s just as well, because if you are old enough to remember the original X-Com fondly, you probably aren’t happy to learn the just announced new entry in the series, “XCOM”, is not the turn-based strategy remake by Ken Levine and Irrational Games long hoped for, but instead a first person shooter from Bioshock’s other developer, 2K Marin. Sigh… A few years ago I was talking to a gamer friend of mine, only 5 years younger than me, and made mention of X-Com only to discover he was too young to know anything about the brand. It has never been more[…]