E3 2010: Nintendo’s Looping Like Groundhog Day! A Graphical Analysis

I didn’t bother to wake up and watch Nintendo’s E3 press conference live last week, and while I watched a replay later that day, nothing I saw caught my interest too much. So while at the time I didn’t feel compelled to write up an analysis, Eurogamer today pulled a quote from an interview Satoru Iwata gave to the BBC that really demands some kind of response. So here are my thoughts on the state of Wii development in an easy to understand graphic!

Blind Review: Monster Hunter 3: NRA Approved!

Welcome to the latest in our long running series of Blind Reviews here at GamerBlahhhg.com. Today we will be looking at Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. Having found great success on the PSP platform, this marks the triumphant return of the series to home consoles. Enjoy! Mythic Beasts versus Big Game Although Monster Hunter was born on the PlayStation 2, the series did not find runaway success until adapted for portable gaming on the PSP, raising the fortunes not only of Capcom’s charming brand of action RPG, but injecting new life into the foundering PSP platform. On the PSP[…]

The Dread Lord Kotick Plans to “Guitar Hero” the Call of Duty Franchise

Forced to comment on the assault at Infinity Ward on Monday, Activision released a statement outlining their plans to ride the Call of Duty into the ground. In addition to the Treyarch developed Call of Duty expected this fall and an anticipated Modern Warfare 3 in 2011, a spin-off game from developer Sledgehammer is also due in 2011. Rumors are already swirling as to the nature of this new direction for the franchise, but the following video sent to us from a source inside Sledgehammer points to a rather unexpected direction. Internally, the game is being called “Call of Duty: Boot Camp”[…]