The Last Man to Join the Diablo III Beta

“Last” may be something of an exaggeration, but it sure has felt prior to today that I was the only one on the internet who had yet to be waived through the door at the Diablo III nightclub. Today I finally got the nod from the bouncer and started downloading the beta client. Unfortunately there are still a few rough spots in that process. For one, the installer failed in Windows 7 x64. I had to try a second time because it required administrative access to modify the Program Files directory, even if you’ve chosen to install it elsewhere.[…]

Top Ten Games I Happened to Play in 2009

Most other publications spent much of their run up to the Christmas break publishing lists of their top games published in 2009. Some have even been working on “games of the decade” articles looking at the medium going back to 2000. We here at Gamer Blahhhg find the division of time into discrete units rather silly. I, for one, have no respect for what constitutes a “day” or what others might believe is a “healthy” sleep schedule. To that end, our list of the top games in 2009 is not restricted to titles published this year. You may find the[…]