Kotaku steals story idea from Gamerblahhhg!

So, the previous post here on relative pricing between UMD and downloaded games for the PSP was really my first attempt at an original news story. I thought the results of my quick research were interesting so I emailed a link to a bunch of different news blogs. The story got some nice traffic from a link over at VE3D and another at Shacknews. I also got a response by email from Brian Crecente at Kotaku. He said this: Hey there, Neat idea but you may want to consider a different headline if you want links. Brian Crecente Editor In[…]

Exhibit A: Are you being “gouged”?

This week the new download-only PSPgo was released to a surprising amount of rancor across the web. Certain sites have published ill-considered, extremely negative reviews of the device citing things like a high price and no upgrade path for existing PSP owners. Of course, if you take existing owners out of the equation, and you really should (there’s no reason to upgrade), a lot of the complaints don’t apply anymore. But some persist. It’s pricy, but the smaller size may hold value for a lot of people. No support for faster wifi is disappointing. The lineup of downloadable games is missing some[…]

Furious PSP-3000 attacks Tokyo!

Lost in the torrent of news coming out of the Tokyo Game Show last week, perhaps the biggest story was an attack on the city’s populous by an enormous, enraged PSP-3000. 36 people attending the convention were killed in the rampage that lasted over two hours, most in the first terrifying minutes. Many more were injured in the panic that ensued. Tokyo police evacuated the building and established a security perimeter, but the attack was not stopped until the PSP’s battery ran out. A booth attendant from Konami, who witnessed the events, speculated that the death toll could have been much higher had[…]