PlayStation Streaming? On a Summer’s Day?

It’s amazing how a single, off hand comment in an E3 preview article can give birth to such a great deal of anticipation and speculation. I have to believe VG24/7 knew exactly what they were doing when they inserted a throwaway comment about Sony announcing a partnership with a major player in cloud gaming at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo like a bomb into a boilerplate preview. It wasn’t until the rumor was already burning up NeoGAF and other gaming forums that the kernel was published as a stand alone rumor. Despite having so little to go on, gamers across[…]

Quantic Dream to follow up Heavy Rain with “Virtual Dentistry”

David Cage, the auteur behind PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain today took the stage at Sony’s GDC conference to announce his next project. Building off the revolutionary tooth-brushing gameplay featured in Heavy Rain, this as yet untitled dentist simulator will utilize the PlayStation Move motion controller to place the player inside the mouths of a cavalcade of colorful patients. Players will work their way though various procedures, starting at a standard cleaning and moving up in difficulty through root canals and Laser Periodontal Therapy. Quantic Dreams plans to have the title out this fall for the PlayStation Move’s launch.

Blind Review: God of War 3 -An Exclusive!

Welcome to the latest in our long running, fan favorite and potentially future award winning series of exclusive blind reviews. Today we’ll be looking at God of War III, a PS3 exclusive developed by Sony’s Santa Monica studio scheduled for release on March 16th, 2010. Without further ado, or the benefit of having played even a second of the game, here are our thoughts. God of War III: Kamp Kouncilor Kratos As everyone knows, at the end of God of War II for the PS2 Kratos activated a super-weapon built by Archimedes, called the Mountain Fire, that killed every last[…]