NFL to become professional videogame league.

In a surprise announcement today following the conclusion of Superbowl XLIV, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell outlined plans to transition from their current focus on physical matches to a system of virtual matches played out in a custom version of EA’s Madden videogame. Citing mounting concerns over the long term health problems associated with repeated concussions and other injuries commonly suffered by players and budgetary pressures created by ever increasing salary caps, the League’s leadership, in conjunction with the individual team owners, came to the conclusion that digitally simulated contests were the inevitable future of Football. By making the transition sooner,[…]

Breaking News! EA secretly working on Madden sequel?

Our  spies within the Electronic Arts today passed along a roll of microfiche, the contents of which suggest very strongly that Tiburon Studios, the developers behind the highly successful Madden 10, may in fact be planning a follow up to that game for release as early as next year! Few details about the new game are clear, but our mole is quite confident the game will be in some way connected to American football, perhaps with the involvement of the NFL. Not even the official title is known. A recent consumer survey which asked consumers to rate the appeal of[…]