Gabe Newell on the PS3: Fact Checking!!!

You’ve probably read over the last couple days that apparently Gabe Newell says the PS3 Is Like A GameCube. The quote that’s been going around doesn’t make any sense, though, but everyone assumes he’s slagging on the PS3 as usual. Taking the quote at face value, however, it’s hard to understand what he’s trying to express. Well, to know what’s going on you actually have to go listen to the original podcast of the interview itself over at 5by5. Spoilers: if he’s knocking the PS3, he’s also knocking the Xbox 360, since they are functionally identical in the way they operate[…]

God of War creator David Jaffe says something

Bloggers today were thrilled to learn prominent game designer David Jaffe, the man behind PlayStation games Twisted Metal and God of War, has once again shot his mouth off with some controversial snippet in a throw away twitter post. No word yet on what exactly he said, but second hand reports suggest it may have been “ludicrous”. Other evidence point towards a possible disparaging remark about a competing platform. Over the last few years Jaffe, and a handful of industry personalities like him, have become a cornerstone of gaming coverage. Bloggers and journalists around the world have come to depend on cutting[…]

Kotaku steals story idea from Gamerblahhhg!

So, the previous post here on relative pricing between UMD and downloaded games for the PSP was really my first attempt at an original news story. I thought the results of my quick research were interesting so I emailed a link to a bunch of different news blogs. The story got some nice traffic from a link over at VE3D and another at Shacknews. I also got a response by email from Brian Crecente at Kotaku. He said this: Hey there, Neat idea but you may want to consider a different headline if you want links. Brian Crecente Editor In[…]