Blind Review: God of War 3 -An Exclusive!

Welcome to the latest in our long running, fan favorite and potentially future award winning series of exclusive blind reviews. Today we’ll be looking at God of War III, a PS3 exclusive developed by Sony’s Santa Monica studio scheduled for release on March 16th, 2010. Without further ado, or the benefit of having played even a second of the game, here are our thoughts. God of War III: Kamp Kouncilor Kratos As everyone knows, at the end of God of War II for the PS2 Kratos activated a super-weapon built by Archimedes, called the Mountain Fire, that killed every last[…]

God of War creator David Jaffe says something

Bloggers today were thrilled to learn prominent game designer David Jaffe, the man behind PlayStation games Twisted Metal and God of War, has once again shot his mouth off with some controversial snippet in a throw away twitter post. No word yet on what exactly he said, but second hand reports suggest it may have been “ludicrous”. Other¬†evidence¬†point towards a possible disparaging remark about a competing platform. Over the last few years Jaffe, and a handful of industry personalities like him, have become a cornerstone of gaming coverage. Bloggers and journalists around the world have come to depend on cutting[…]