E3 2010: Sony Presser and the Noticeable Absences

After Microsoft’s dismal showing yesterday, Sony seemed poised to pour on the heat, gaining even more momentum as the 360’s image was repurposed for a casual market. While Sony wasn’t able to really wow anyone with their exceedingly long showcase, they managed to avoid any real traps. Over two hours they cover a lot of ground, including new PS3 games, a new marketing push for PSP, the new PSN+ service, but perhaps more noticible were the things that did not make an appearance… Before the event, a lot of the worry was that Sony would spend the entire show on[…]

Gabe Newell on the PS3: Fact Checking!!!

You’ve probably read over the last couple days that apparently Gabe Newell says theĀ PS3 Is Like A GameCube. The quote that’s been going around doesn’t make any sense, though, but everyone assumes he’s slagging on the PS3 as usual. Taking the quote at face value, however, it’s hard to understand what he’s trying to express. Well, to know what’s going on you actually have to go listen to the original podcast of the interview itself over at 5by5. Spoilers: if he’s knocking the PS3, he’s also knocking the Xbox 360, since they are functionally identical in the way they operate[…]