LTTP: My First Two Weeks with the Xbox 360

Prologue In the summer of 2005, I made the fateful decision to go back to school full time in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. That probably isn’t very interesting to you, but the upshot was that being a poor student prevented me from participating in this console generation. Sure, I went to the occasional party where everyone got drunk and tried to play Marble Mania and Excite Truck on the Wii, but for the three years it took to graduate I mostly gamed on my PC and my trusty PS2. In 2008 I had the good fortune of graduating[…]

Bullet Point BS: 4/15/2010 – NPD? Arglebargle!

You may have noticed every gaming blog in the world publishing five or six stories today in rapid succession to discuss the US videogame sales figures from March. This can mean only one thing: the NPD figures are out! The PS3 had perhaps its best month ever for software sales thanks to strong performance from God of War III, the PS3 SKUs of FFXIII and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and MLB: The Show 2010. The 360 managed to maintain a slight edge over the PS3 in hardware sales, though ongoing PS3 shortages likely helped there. Nintendo destroyed everyone, but that’s[…]

Blind Review: Final Fantasy XIII – An Exclusive!

While the North American version of Final Fantasy XIII from Square Enix is not scheduled for release until March next year, the game has just come out for the PS3 in Japan to much fanfare. Most English publications are waiting for a localized version to be completed before publishing their own reviews of this highly title. is lucky enough not to be constrained by such editorial limitations. Please enjoy our patented Blind Review of FFXIII. Final Fantasy XIII: Fashion Dolls in Space City As the first new Final Fantasy of the current generation, expectations are running very high for[…]

Final Fantasy crosses the line

Recently released screenshots of the English version of Final Fantasy XIII have revealed one of the best kept secrets in videogames. To the astonishment of many, FFXIII’s story will include an improbable crossover with the film version of Transformers. The characters already revealed will each be paired with either an Autobot or a Decepticon during battle. Combat will be focused on slow-mo shots of these giant robots jumping and diving around like morons. Described as the natural progression from last Summer’s war crime, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the new Final Fantasy will follow the adventures of a Japanese suicide[…]