E3 2010: Nintendo’s Looping Like Groundhog Day! A Graphical Analysis

I didn’t bother to wake up and watch Nintendo’s E3 press conference live last week, and while I watched a replay later that day, nothing I saw caught my interest too much. So while at the time I didn’t feel compelled to write up an analysis, Eurogamer today pulled a quote from an interview Satoru Iwata gave to the BBC that really demands some kind of response. So here are my thoughts on the state of Wii development in an easy to understand graphic!

E3 2010: Your Guide to Kinect’s Launch Games

Here is a sorted list of all announced launch titles for Microsoft’s Kinect: Wii Fit Clones Wii Sports Clones EA Sports Active 2 Deca Sports Freedom The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout Kinect Sports Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Motion Sports Zumba Fitness Party Games Just Dance Clone Adrenalin Misfits Dance Central Game Party: In Motion Dance Masters Kinect Adventures Sonic Free Riders Outliers Kinectimals (Eye Pet/Nintendogs clone) Joy Ride (Mario Kart clone)

E3 2010: Sony Presser and the Noticeable Absences

After Microsoft’s dismal showing yesterday, Sony seemed poised to pour on the heat, gaining even more momentum as the 360’s image was repurposed for a casual market. While Sony wasn’t able to really wow anyone with their exceedingly long showcase, they managed to avoid any real traps. Over two hours they cover a lot of ground, including new PS3 games, a new marketing push for PSP, the new PSN+ service, but perhaps more noticible were the things that did not make an appearance… Before the event, a lot of the worry was that Sony would spend the entire show on[…]

E3 2010: Microsoft’s Waterloo

The fact that, after spending over an hour talking up their new camera-based, hands-free motion controller for the Xbox 360, Kinect, Microsoft failured to address the question of price is not only conspicuous, it’s damning. Perhaps no one would have noticed had the software demonstrated for Kinect been surprising or revolutionary, or even interesting. Since last E3, Microsoft has promoted the technology behind Project Natal as nothing short of a paradigm shift. Turns out there were more right than they realized. Unfortunately for them, the paradigm being shifted is the management at Microsoft’s grip on reality. So, after all the hype[…]

Physicists Warn of Temporal Catastrophe Likely at E3

Los Angeles – Physicists from UCLA’s department of Theoretical Elementary Particles today voiced concerns about the effect next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is having on the fabric of space-time. According to specialists in the nature of time at the university, a series of increasingly anomalous results from experiments conducted in UCLA’s high energy lab forewarn of a potentially dangerous, perhaps apocalyptic disruption to the normal flow of time. In cooperation with several other research facilities around the world, and by pouring through the mounds of data being produced by multiple particle accelerators, a logarithmic increase in so called “causal fractures” has been identified. Using[…]