Internet Forgets that Dante was Always a Ponce

A great deal of unrest has been stirred up in the wake of Capcom’s reveal of the next Devil May Cry, developed by Ninja Theory, simply titled DmC. Most of the criticism surrounds the new design for Dante. I guess he comes off emo, or too Twilight or metrosexual, or some such nonsense. Here’s some art released along side the announcement: I’ve even heard people complain that his haircut looks like Justin Bieber’s. Presumably that person has no recollection of the original Dante design, because if anyone has a Bieber Bowl, it’s him! I urge the nets to calm down. It remains to[…]

Scuffle Breaks out On Stage at Capcom’s Captivate 2010

Marvel and Capcom Fight over Who Created Unpopular New Character Honolulu, HI – Last week during Capcom’s annual Captivate press event the publisher revealed the existence of Marvel vs Capcom 3, a modern sequel to the well-loved series of fighting games pitting Marvel’s biggest superheroes and villains against characters from Capcom’s considerable library of intellectual property. Capcom hinted that there should be more than 30 characters playable in the game at release, but so far they have only announced seven of those characters through a cinematic teaser. confirmed are Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, Ryu, Morrigan, Chris Redfield and a new[…]

Blind Review: Monster Hunter 3: NRA Approved!

Welcome to the latest in our long running series of Blind Reviews here at Today we will be looking at Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. Having found great success on the PSP platform, this marks the triumphant return of the series to home consoles. Enjoy! Mythic Beasts versus Big Game Although Monster Hunter was born on the PlayStation 2, the series did not find runaway success until adapted for portable gaming on the PSP, raising the fortunes not only of Capcom’s charming brand of action RPG, but injecting new life into the foundering PSP platform. On the PSP[…]