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Exclusive Blind Review! Call of Duty: Black Ops

Another fall, another Call of Duty from Activision. With the massive shakeup at Infinity Ward earlier this year, Treyarch is finally poised to take the reigns of the franchise as the “A” team. To that end, they have put forth their latest effort, Black Ops. It’s an ambitious title from a huge team and a reportedly enormous budget, but the question remains: how will the millions of Modern Warfare fans react to the series’ new direction? As the game’s full title suggests, Tyler Perry Presents: Call of Duty: Black Ops was designed in full cooperation with the famed filmmaker, Tyler[…]

The Dread Lord Kotick Plans to “Guitar Hero” the Call of Duty Franchise

Forced to comment on the assault at Infinity Ward on Monday, Activision released a statement outlining their plans to ride the Call of Duty into the ground. In addition to the Treyarch developed Call of Duty expected this fall and an anticipated Modern Warfare 3 in 2011, a spin-off game from developer Sledgehammer is also due in 2011. Rumors are already swirling as to the nature of this new direction for the franchise, but the following video sent to us from a source inside Sledgehammer points to a rather unexpected direction. Internally, the game is being called “Call of Duty: Boot Camp”[…]

Bobby Kotick Wields Secret Army as Cudgel

News broke late today about a dust up between Activision and the leadership at Infinity Ward, the creators of Call of Duty. Perhaps more alarming than the sudden departure, and apparent firing, of the studio’s founders is the original report from which confirms the existence of Activision’s long rumored Gestapo. Infinity Ward employees sent numerous twitter and facebook updates as Bobby Kotick’s goon squad surrounded their building and stormed the premises. The artists and programmer valiantly defended their cubicles with airsoft guns, nerf darts and shaken-up cans of soda, but they were eventually routed. A reliable death count is[…]

Blind Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Exclusive!

What follows is the second outing of‘s ground breaking new feature, the Blind Review. Lacking access to reviewable code, our reviewers have endeavored to evaluate the hottest new releases on the basis of what we like to think they are like. Please enjoy! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – A Soliloquy A great deal of controversy has proceeded the highly anticipated release this week of what is sure to be the biggest game of the year. The official modern day follow-up to the 2007 mega-hit CoD4 has been scrutinized and picked apart like few other titles. The official review embargo[…]

Impotence: An Internet ROMCOM

It’s been said often that no online petition anywhere has ever accomplished anything. For example, about 12 years ago when online petition websites first started popping up I started one demanding the erraddication of all sites dedicated to the creation of Internet petitions. Got a bunch of people to sign it, too. But the owners of the site where the petition was hosted refused to shut down! Can you believe it? If the people running online petitions won’t listen to online petitions, why would anyone with a real business? Which brings us to today’s petition du ‘jour. No sooner had[…]

Great moments in dickwhickery

The following interview with Infinity Ward’s Vince Zampella over a Joystiq gets my dander up for a couple reasons. First, and I’ve been getting this sense for a while now, the developers of Modern Warfare 2 seem like dicks. I understand they aren’t real happy with the way Activision has farmed out editions of their baby, Call of Duty, to other developers. But the tactic has been undeniably successful. After the blockbuster success of CoD4 in 2007, last year’s CoD: WaW also sold like 8 million units. What’s more, World at War was actually a really fun game, and Treyarch, that[…]