The 10 Best Games I Happened to Play in 2010!

2010 and Me: A Personal Journey Perhaps most surprising is how front-loaded 2010 was with great games. I was mostly disappointed by the big holiday releases, and if you weren’t predisposed to geek out over Kinect it was hard to find a lot to hang your hat on through November and January. The biggest change this year in my own gaming habits was the acquisition of a PSP, opening up a whole new library of really interesting software. We’ve seen the big Japanese publishers struggle to find a way to succeed on the HD consoles, but they’re doing some very creative and inventive things[…]

Bullet Point BS: 4/15/2010 – NPD? Arglebargle!

You may have noticed every gaming blog in the world publishing five or six stories today in rapid succession to discuss the US videogame sales figures from March. This can mean only one thing: the NPD figures are out! The PS3 had perhaps its best month ever for software sales thanks to strong performance from God of War III, the PS3 SKUs of FFXIII and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and MLB: The Show 2010. The 360 managed to maintain a slight edge over the PS3 in hardware sales, though ongoing PS3 shortages likely helped there. Nintendo destroyed everyone, but that’s[…]