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The 10 Best Games I Happened to Play in 2010!

2010 and Me: A Personal Journey Perhaps most surprising is how front-loaded 2010 was with great games. I was mostly disappointed by the big holiday releases, and if you weren’t predisposed to geek out over Kinect it was hard to find a lot to hang your hat on through November and January. The biggest change this year in my own gaming habits was the acquisition of a PSP, opening up a whole new library of really interesting software. We’ve seen the big Japanese publishers struggle to find a way to succeed on the HD consoles, but they’re doing some very creative and inventive things[…]

ZOMG, Legit Review! – Alpha Protocol [PC, PS3, 360]

Programmed for Etiquette and Alpha Protocol You would have a hard time finding a game in recent memory that provoked such wildly divergent assessments of quality, from professional reviewers and fans alike, than the recently release Alpha Protocol. Developed by Obsidian and published by Sega, opinions and scores range from the enthusiastic gushing of Tom Chick over at Fidgit and 1UP’s B+ review score, to the middling verdicts from Giant Bomb and Eurogamer, all the way to the furious, vitriolic bile of Jim Sterling’s 2/10 review for Destructoid. Although no one would claim Alpha Protocol is as supremely polished as[…]