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Fact Checking: Is Bungie’s Next Game Xbox Exclusive?

In a perhaps unfortunate turn of events for independent developer Bungie, due to the ongoing legal battle between their new publisher and the founders of Infinity Ward, the terms of their publishing agreement signed with Activision in the spring of 2010 have become public. Buried in the 27 page contract, along with a lot of boring sections on employee compensation and publisher liability, were a few scant details on a series of four original games currently under development. What is revealed is fairly vague. The “Destiny” games are described as “massively multiplayer-style sci-fantasy action-shooters” set to be released every other[…]


FTL: Star Cruiser Whoosh!

FTL: Faster than Light is a self described spaceship roguelike-like. That second “like” isn’t there by accident. Rouglikes have traditionally been fantasy inspired turn-based RPGs, heavy on the stats and challenge, but light on art assets. Last year’s Dungeons of Dreadmore garnered a lot of success by wrapping that traditional dungeon crawling gameplay with charming and attractive sprite-based graphics, and a healthy sense of humor, especially regarding the genre’s famously punishing difficulty and enforced permadeath. The two man team behind FTL are straying from that formula in significant fashion. Most obviously, rather than playing a single adventurer in an (often[…]

Remember how amazing uncharted 3 sounded when the Villa was burning down around you? Bioware doesn't. Mass Effect has special silent flames.

The Soundless Sins of Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 sounds like shit. I mean that literally. Having played the recently released demo on the PC, Xbox 360 AND PS3, nothing struck me with more force than how awful the sound design is. Sure, the animations were robotic and unnatural, the writing was hammy and cringe inducing, but it’s the shocking lack of effort devoted to creating a realistic, or cinematic sound-scape that sticks out like a throbbing, sore thumb. The biggest problem is what’s missing. I’m not about to complain about the voice work, music or specific sound effects. Those elements aren’t bad, they just sound[…]


The Last Man to Join the Diablo III Beta

“Last” may be something of an exaggeration, but it sure has felt prior to today that I was the only one on the internet who had yet to be waived through the door at the Diablo III nightclub. Today I finally got the nod from the bouncer and started downloading the beta client. Unfortunately there are still a few rough spots in that process. For one, the installer failed in Windows 7 x64. I had to try a second time because it required administrative access to modify the Program Files directory, even if you’ve chosen to install it elsewhere.[…]

ZOMG, Legit Review! – Dragon Age 2 [PC, PS3, 360]

Killing Time in Kirkwall Dragon Age 2 is not the consolefied catastrophe a vocal minority on the Internet would have you believe. Most of the changes that have become a lightning rod for fanboy scorn are so minor that within a couple hours of playing the game you’ll forget that anyone ever cared. Dragon Age 2’s problems run far deeper than a user interface devoid of garishly bit-mapped accoutrement or a new design for a character who has been established as a shape-shifter, or even an ugly opening environment that does not put the game’s best visual foot forward. These[…]

Homefront Screen

Blind Review – Homefront

Invading Stores Tuesday Homefront is publisher THQ’s first real attempt to assault the Call of Duty Throne. Unlike last year’s Medal of Honor from EA, THQ has chosen not to compete head to head with Activision in the crowded Fall, preferring instead to bring their modern military shooter to market in a lighter Spring market. Although March is not traditionally considered the best time for a major release, more and more publishers are pursuing the same strategy of getting out of CoD’s way. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 found some success last year, but can Homefront measure up in terms of[…]