Founder/Editor in Chief: Brad Grenz

Here, in need of a fresh razor

Bio: Brad Grenz was born in the City of Salem, Oregon two days before Halloween. He played his first games on an old Commodore 64 his family kept in the den, but which no one knew how to operate very well. His favorites were Zaxxon and Park Patrol. Eventually his family bought an NES and Brad lost innumerable hours playing the original Final Fantasy. At the age of 12 he received his own 486 SX PC as a gift. Within a few months he took it apart just to see if he could put it back together. Since then he has enjoyed building and upgrading his own computers. Early on he played a lot of Lucas Arts and Sierra Adventure games. Fate of Atlantis was a particular favorite. He also played a lot of Ultima 6 without really knowing what he was doing. But he always had someone in his party carrying a skiff to cross inconvenient streams and rivers, along with a few powder kegs to escape the occasional jail sentence. Brad has remained a fan of both PC and console gaming his whole life.

In 2008 Brad graduated from Willamette University with a BA in Philosophy. At times he misses life as a student. He did not follow the traditional trajectory to higher education, but once enrolled he discovered college life was the perfect synthesis of his life long love of smart, pretty girls and arguments over obscure points.