Introducing NGP Gamer

A couple days ago I was a little bored and thinking about fansites. I wondered, “are there any NGP/PSP2 targeted fan sites yet?” In my search I ran across one, but it literally had not been updated since the day after the systems original reveal and exists to be google-bait. I thought to myself, “I can do much better” so I set about building my own NGP fansite. You can now see the fruits of those labors at You might wonder if this is all some cynical attempt to get in on the ground floor, become the defacto NGP[…]


Internet Forgets that Dante was Always a Ponce

A great deal of unrest has been stirred up in the wake of Capcom’s reveal of the next Devil May Cry, developed by Ninja Theory, simply titled DmC. Most of the criticism surrounds the new design for Dante. I guess he comes off emo, or too Twilight or metrosexual, or some such nonsense. Here’s some art released along side the announcement: I’ve even heard people complain that his haircut looks like Justin Bieber’s. Presumably that person has no recollection of the original Dante design, because if anyone has a Bieber Bowl, it’s him! I urge the nets to calm down. It remains to[…]

The resemblance is definitely there.

A Very Lego Harry Potter Musical

Is it just me, or does it look like Traveller’s Tales based Hermione from the new Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 on the likeness of Bonnie Gruesen, who played Hermione in the highly unofficial A Very Potter Musical? Judge for yourself: It’s hard to tell from that promo shot, but in game Hermione’s expressions are far more reminiscent of Bonnie’s portrayal than any other incarnation of the character. In any case, the game is out now and pretty cool. The PC version is only $30 and plays great with a gamepad. You will also be able to see A Very Potter Sequel[…]

E3 2010: Nintendo’s Looping Like Groundhog Day! A Graphical Analysis

I didn’t bother to wake up and watch Nintendo’s E3 press conference live last week, and while I watched a replay later that day, nothing I saw caught my interest too much. So while at the time I didn’t feel compelled to write up an analysis, Eurogamer today pulled a quote from an interview Satoru Iwata gave to the BBC that really demands some kind of response. So here are my thoughts on the state of Wii development in an easy to understand graphic!

E3 2010: Your Guide to Kinect’s Launch Games

Here is a sorted list of all announced launch titles for Microsoft’s Kinect: Wii Fit Clones Wii Sports Clones EA Sports Active 2 Deca Sports Freedom The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout Kinect Sports Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Motion Sports Zumba Fitness Party Games Just Dance Clone Adrenalin Misfits Dance Central Game Party: In Motion Dance Masters Kinect Adventures Sonic Free Riders Outliers Kinectimals (Eye Pet/Nintendogs clone) Joy Ride (Mario Kart clone)