Sony Confirms Multitasking on PS4

While Microsoft has made seamless multitasking between games and media apps, Sony has, since the PS4 reveal in Februrary been a bit cagey on the subject. Considering the large amount of RAM the PS4 includes and the multitasking features built into the PlayStation Vita real task switching felt like a sure inclusion, but it was not until last week the ability was confirmed in the above video released by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Item 10: In most situations you will be able to switch instantly between playing a game and other apps OR the dynamic menu.

I’ll Miss You, Ryan Davis

I learned Ryan Davis had passed when I opened twitter Monday afternoon and followed a context free link to Dave Snider’s understated tribute site It only dawned on me slowly what I was looking at, and I swiftly began looking through my history only to discover nothing but further confirmation that he had died at the age of 24. Like a lot of people I took this news like a blow to the sternum. I never met the man, but the inevitable nature of Giant Bomb and the way Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Patrick and Drew have opened their[…]


Xbox Gone Redundant

Microsoft has no idea what the fuck they are doing. This much has been obvious since last summer when they introduced “SmartGlass” as their next big “innovation”. I use sarcastic quotes because by “innovation” they mean using the tablet or smartphone you already own to do things the tablet or smartphone can natively do. Most damningly they took a preexisting Game of Thrones app for iPad, packaged it inside SmartGlass and pretended like this would change the world. It was an embarrassing attempt to insert an Xbox branded service where it does not belong. Unfortunately, this buttinski attitude is obviously[…]

Last Minute Predictions for #PlayStation2013

At 6 PM Eastern Standard Time in New York City Sony is set to finally unveil the “Future of PlayStation”, something that has had certain sectors of the internet in a virtual tizzy for the last three weeks. At this point it is all but certain that the next generation PlayStation console will debut alongside something of a vision statement for the future Sony’s gaming division. Various leaks over the last few months, and even going back a year or two have already given us an inkling of the PS4’s capabilities, but it is an open question as to how[…]

New Denny’s Ad Rips off Beck song from Sound Shapes

While watching television tonight my ears perked up at the background music playing in a new advertisment for Denny’s. Here’s the TV spot in question: If you haven’t played Sound Shapes on PS3 or Vita you may not recognize the melody, but the creators of the spot seem to have chosen a song that borrows very directly from a song created by Beck for the level “Cities”. Here’s a video of that so you can hear what original sounds like: It’s easily the best music in the whole game, though unfortunately there’s no official way to just buy any of[…]


Polygon’s Folly

When Vox Media’s new gaming arm,, announced a documentary series tracing the creation of the new site it was met with no shortage of skepticism, snark and down right derision. How could they have avoided the accusations of self-important narcisicim? Punk that shit up! Behold: