Stop Taking Games So Literally – Nathan Drake is not a Mass Murderer

I’m well past tired of hearing faux-intellectuals pontificating on the ethical and moral implications of action sequences depicted in games. Most often this is presented as a question of how we are supposed to like Nathan Drake when over the course of a game he will kill hundreds of people. “Sure, they were pirates or mercenaries with violent intent, but they were still human! And the scale of death must have some psychological impact on the player character, must it not?” But this kind of navel gazing is simply more proof of how young the industry is, and how the[…]


Xbox Gone Redundant

Microsoft has no idea what the fuck they are doing. This much has been obvious since last summer when they introduced “SmartGlass” as their next big “innovation”. I use sarcastic quotes because by “innovation” they mean using the tablet or smartphone you already own to do things the tablet or smartphone can natively do. Most damningly they took a preexisting Game of Thrones app for iPad, packaged it inside SmartGlass and pretended like this would change the world. It was an embarrassing attempt to insert an Xbox branded service where it does not belong. Unfortunately, this buttinski attitude is obviously[…]

Last Minute Predictions for #PlayStation2013

At 6 PM Eastern Standard Time in New York City Sony is set to finally unveil the “Future of PlayStation”, something that has had certain sectors of the internet in a virtual tizzy for the last three weeks. At this point it is all but certain that the next generation PlayStation console will debut alongside something of a vision statement for the future Sony’s gaming division. Various leaks over the last few months, and even going back a year or two have already given us an inkling of the PS4’s capabilities, but it is an open question as to how[…]


Polygon’s Folly

When Vox Media’s new gaming arm, Polygon.com, announced a documentary series tracing the creation of the new site it was met with no shortage of skepticism, snark and down right derision. How could they have avoided the accusations of self-important narcisicim? Punk that shit up! Behold:


Ouya May Ship, But Will it Go?

The launch of Ouya’s Kickstarter project, if nothing else, certainly has made a lot of noise this week. Initially greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by the gaming press, the story quickly turned from following the impressive rate at which money was raised (for Kickstarter), to a number of negative articles lambasting the project’s unrealistic goals and seemingly duplicitous pitch. That kind of skepticism is well warranted. Contributing to a Kickstarter should always be approached as a gamble. You need to weigh the reputation of the people behind each project, the feasibility of their goals and the timeline proposed. That said, some[…]


Microsoft Strategy Doc Hints at Xbox 720 Hardware Capabilities

UPDATE: Scribd.com has removed the original document from their site as a response to a request from the law firm Covington & Burling known to represent Microsoft. A pdf version is still available as a torrent by clicking this magnet link. An internal Microsoft strategy document that appears to be genuine has been discovered by NeoGAF poster jeff_rigby on Scribd.com outlines Redmond’s broad strategy for their post-360 console hardware. The 54 page document labeled “720 9/24” describes a system 8 times as powerful as the Xbox 360 that will include a Blu-ray drive, whole house DVR capabilites, and an upgraded[…]