New Denny’s Ad Rips off Beck song from Sound Shapes

While watching television tonight my ears perked up at the background music playing in a new advertisment for Denny’s. Here’s the TV spot in question: If you haven’t played Sound Shapes on PS3 or Vita you may not recognize the melody, but the creators of the spot seem to have chosen a song that borrows very directly from a song created by Beck for the level “Cities”. Here’s a video of that so you can hear what original sounds like: It’s easily the best music in the whole game, though unfortunately there’s no official way to just buy any of[…]


Polygon’s Folly

When Vox Media’s new gaming arm,, announced a documentary series tracing the creation of the new site it was met with no shortage of skepticism, snark and down right derision. How could they have avoided the accusations of self-important narcisicim? Punk that shit up! Behold:


Ouya May Ship, But Will it Go?

The launch of Ouya’s Kickstarter project, if nothing else, certainly has made a lot of noise this week. Initially greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by the gaming press, the story quickly turned from following the impressive rate at which money was raised (for Kickstarter), to a number of negative articles lambasting the project’s unrealistic goals and seemingly duplicitous pitch. That kind of skepticism is well warranted. Contributing to a Kickstarter should always be approached as a gamble. You need to weigh the reputation of the people behind each project, the feasibility of their goals and the timeline proposed. That said, some[…]


Microsoft Strategy Doc Hints at Xbox 720 Hardware Capabilities

UPDATE: has removed the original document from their site as a response to a request from the law firm Covington & Burling known to represent Microsoft. A pdf version is still available as a torrent by clicking this magnet link. An internal Microsoft strategy document that appears to be genuine has been discovered by NeoGAF poster jeff_rigby on outlines Redmond’s broad strategy for their post-360 console hardware. The 54 page document labeled “720 9/24” describes a system 8 times as powerful as the Xbox 360 that will include a Blu-ray drive, whole house DVR capabilites, and an upgraded[…]

The Xbox Live Security Crisis

The so called “FIFA hacks” plaguing Xbox Live are a story that has spanned months with so many twists and turns it’s even difficult for journalists to keep it all straight. I have endeavored to create a detailed overview of the problem, including a look at all its varied aspects, theoretical causes and potential fixes. We live in trying times. As Sony discovered last Spring, the security of customer information has become a matter of grave trust. Unfortunately, when hackers are determined and sufficiently motivated, no system is entirely secure. In the case of the PSN hack, that attack was[…]


PlayStation Streaming? On a Summer’s Day?

It’s amazing how a single, off hand comment in an E3 preview article can give birth to such a great deal of anticipation and speculation. I have to believe VG24/7 knew exactly what they were doing when they inserted a throwaway comment about Sony announcing a partnership with a major player in cloud gaming at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo like a bomb into a boilerplate preview. It wasn’t until the rumor was already burning up NeoGAF and other gaming forums that the kernel was published as a stand alone rumor. Despite having so little to go on, gamers across[…]