Sony Confirms Multitasking on PS4

While Microsoft has made seamless multitasking between games and media apps, Sony has, since the PS4 reveal in Februrary been a bit cagey on the subject. Considering the large amount of RAM the PS4 includes and the multitasking features built into the PlayStation Vita real task switching felt like a sure inclusion, but it was not until last week the ability was confirmed in the above video released by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Item 10:

In most situations you will be able to switch instantly between playing a game and other apps OR the dynamic menu.

No more specifics are mentioned, but the relevant video captured in GIF form below clearly implies streaming media apps are covered. This means it will be very convenient to switch from a game over to Netflix without the need to hunt for a save point first, nor will you have to sit through lengthy load times when you want to get back to your game.

PS4 Multitasking

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