Sony Time Travel Experiment Ends in Success, Angry Calls

Gonna go BACK in time...

Sony today announced the successful conclusion of their long planned experiment with time manipulation. Ken Kutaragi, father of the PlayStation, designed the PS3 console with an undisclosed time manipulation component designed to be remotely activated over the PlayStation Network. The goal was to create a world-wide network of flux capacitors, simultaneously generating the desired tachyon manipulation field across most of the globe and leveraging the distributed computing power of the PS3’s CPU to perform the necessary calculations.

PS3 owners experienced the experiment, which caused the individual consoles to shift slightly out of phase with our space-time continuum, as a 24 hour interruption in online services and an error code that prevented many games from playing, even offline. The issue was quickly dubbed the ApocalyPS3 on Twitter and various game blogs and forums, but as of this writing the time shift has ceased and all PS3s are once again operating normally.

In a press conference this afternoon, Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hurai apologized for the inconvenience to their loyal customers. “The error code was an unforseen consequence of the chrono-bridge generated between this frame of reference and 1999, but gamers should take pride in the role they played in one of Mankind’s greatest technological feats.”

2 thoughts on “Sony Time Travel Experiment Ends in Success, Angry Calls

  1. did they say if the brief jump forward to 2020 was also part of the experiment and if so, is the ten year plan a success?

  2. Not specifically, but they did mention the tachyon field was susceptible to solar activity which could explain other anomalous behavior in the effected PS3s. And by going back to 1999 and forward to 2020, I suppose they can claim they stretched that our to a 20 year plan.

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