God of War creator David Jaffe says something

A screenshot from David Jaffe's next PS3 game: Tight Cotton

Bloggers today were thrilled to learn prominent game designer David Jaffe, the man behind PlayStation games Twisted Metal and God of War, has once again shot his mouth off with some controversial snippet in a throw away twitter post. No word yet on what exactly he said, but second hand reports suggest it may have been “ludicrous”. Other evidence point towards a possible disparaging remark about a competing platform.

Over the last few years Jaffe, and a handful of industry personalities like him, have become a cornerstone of gaming coverage. Bloggers and journalists around the world have come to depend on cutting and pasting quotes out of context in stories with provocative headlines and incredulous commentary in order to garner links, drive traffic and keep the ctrl-c, ctrl-v industry afloat.

In that climate, being the first to republish the latest tweet or facebook status has become incredibly important. More and more Twitter or blogspot outages and general internet congestion can be attributed to gaming journalists constantly refreshing their browsers in order to break the latest scandal.

At press time we are still unable to confirm what exactly it is Mr. Jaffe said in this most recent dust up. Google reports they are working to restore his blog within the next few hours after what they had presumed was a denial of service attack. The Whitehouse has yet to issue a statement on the matter, but the Obama administration is reportedly aware of the growing problem.

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