Activision reveals Guitar Hero: Zombies

Unrelated, but supermegafoxyawesomehot zombie art.
Unrelated, but super-mega-awesome-foxy-hot zombie art.

In an interview today Activision Blizzard head Bobby Kotick, perhaps inadvertantly, revealed the existence of a new game in the highly successful Guitar Hero franchise. The inevitable mashup of the band simulation genre with a zombie theme is not expected until late 2010, and may in fact be the direct sequel this year’s Guitar Hero 5 and not simply a side project like Band Hero or Guitar Hero: Metallica. The official title has not been confirmed, but it has been referred to only as Guitar Hero: Zombies.

Speaking with a surprising amount of candor, Kotick described a single player campaign where you form a “Band” of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Venues are specially designed strongholds that allow the band to attract a horde of the undead with music, luring them to their destruction. During the song you will unlock the powers that let you set off traps, killing large groups of zombies instantly. At the end of the song you can also add to your kill count by swinging the new motion sensative, punk inspired guitar controller at any zombies who make it on stage. Songs are mastered by achieving a certain kill count.

Kotick also alluded to an innovative online meta-game where different regions of the country compete to eradicate the most zombies in their area. Regular updates in the form of a fake pirate broadcast will keep players abreast of the progress and preview new songs for DLC.

He did not confirm any specific tracks included with the game, but did hint that music by The Zombies and White Zombie were actively being pursued. No official press release or media have so far been made public, Activision and Neversoft having been caught a bit flat-footed by Kotick’s comments.

No word yet on how MTV Games and Harmonix will respond to this latest volley in the war for fake plastic instrument primacy and it’s hard to imagine the rumored Twilight/Rock Band tie in game having a similar impact.

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